Awaken Your Body, Balance Your Mind

by Monica Linford

Designed to re-energise, strengthen and relax the body, founder of the ChiBall Method and Wu Wellness, Monica Linford has integrated the best of both Eastern and Western exercise philosophies in her first book “Awaken Your Body, Balance Your Mind”.  Say goodbye to poor circulation, back pain, headaches and muscular stiffness and rebuild your physical and mental strengthen and balance.

Monica Linford’s Chi Ball Method is now taught in hundreds of gyms in the UK and Australia, with her own merchandise and 4 videos supporting the programme.

Monica Linford realised that soft-impact exercise along the lines of yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Feldenkrais is the way forward for total fitness. She uses small flexible balls as part of the routine. The aim is not only to use exercise to promote postural fitness but also to move ‘chi’ (or vital energy) around the body. Her system is based on the Chinese idea of yin and yang and she advocates a different sort of exercise for different needs at different times of year.

Her method comprises of 5 elements:

• Tai Chi and Chi Kung (the Chinese model which uses repetitive flowing movements to improve circulation, concentration and co-ordination)
• Yoga (for strength, stamina and flexibility)
• Pilates (to build awareness and stabilise your torso)
• Feldenkrais Method (to return to basics and rediscover the flexibility and movement of childhood)
• Meditation and deep relaxation

All my muscles felt strangely alive and the pain in my back had subsided...
I emerged from the class relaxed, yet alert, transformed both in body and mind.


Monica Linford

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