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Monica Linford

My interest in one-to-one coaching began in 1995 when I met Nicole, Kyle and Jane Brammy – founding sisters of Precinct Physiotherapy and Therapia Physiotherapy in Adelaide, South Australia. This relationship, I am proud to say, has spanned more than 20 years. Their wellness approach to physiotherapy which included, acupuncture, Pilates, massage, naturopathy, counselling and mindfulness, was innovative and truly inspiring. Their mission was to treat each individual uniquely and holistically and help them to better understand their bodies and themselves for speedy and long lasting recovery. They hosted numerous workshops on traditional Chinese medicine, holistic living, meditation, mindfulness for stress and Franklin Method long before it was fashionable. 10 years later my very own ChiBall Method was incorporated into their practice. For me, they were the ultimate pioneers in the field of physiotherapy.

My Approach

In my role as Therapeutic Movement Specialist I pull from a varied tool box that has been assembled over 35 years which includes Chinese medicine, Shiatsu massage therapy, yoga, dance, health & fitness, Feldenkrais Method – Awareness Through Movement, Franklin Method, body biomechanics and Clinical Pilates.

My philosophy is based on the premise that to unravel a lifetime of dysfunctional biomechanical habit patterns we have to go right back to basics. The first phase I focus on ‘releasing and relaxing’.  These easy fluid movements are designed to inhibit the global muscle groups to allow joint stabilising local muscles to ‘wake up’ and be more active and efficient. From this very relaxed state we can begin recruiting authentic power and strength. This process is more about the brain and less about achieving the ideal exercise ‘fitness’ results. I encourage my clients to embrace the ‘less is more’ approach.

Alignment of key bony landmarks such as pelvis over hips, ribcage over pelvis and head over shoulders helps release tight muscles and re-activate weak ones. Work begins from the feet up to address leg position in relation to hips, hips to pelvis (hip thrusting causing postural load to be forced into sacrum which is common cause of degenerative hip issues, low back pain and SIJ disfunction; the ribcage flaring (commonly projected forward in front of pelvis instead of on top of it) and head alignment (also commonly in front of shoulders instead of on top of them).

Precise Clinical Pilates technique forms the foundation for what comes next as I work clients towards their personal strength and flexibility goals.  From this foundation I often deviate along an explorative path (i.e. Feldenkrais Method, Franklin Method and functional movement patterns) to “wake up” the brain and encourage it to remember and re-employ a long forgotten neuromuscular pathway that once provided effortless and pain free movement and mobility.

For this process to work, it requires full commitment. Life style habits are highlighted.  If it has taken 20 years to create a distorted body posture, it may take up to two-three years to unravel these habits of a lifetime.  However my clients are often surprised and encouraged by the brain’s ability to facilitate change surprising quickly when repetition over new movement patterns are employed and new habits formed and established.

Client mind and body well-being is my number one priority. I often make further recommendations to facilitate healing and recovery to include other therapies such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, SOT chiropractic, osteopathy, sports massage and nutritional science.

As a leading figure in the field of health and wellness, 1-1 coaching programmes with Monica are highly sought after. She delivers her 1-1 sessions both via video conference - Skype/Zoom, and in person at Scorpio Clinics in Virginia Water, Surrey.

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    Monica’s approach on Pilates is unique, combining beautiful Pilates with all the methods she has studied over the years. Her holistic perspective on wellbeing and attention to her clients is refreshing and inspiring – you feel energised and relaxed after her lessons. I started my collaboration with Monica some years back, working on my shoulder pain and upper back tension which were the consequences of international travel and hectic corporate life. The ongoing sessions with her have helped me to get rid of these and also have had positive impact on my posture, stability and strength. I warmly recommend Monica’s lessons for everybody to improve wellbeing and to address specific areas; her knowledge and broad background offer great choices to build personalised approach to everybody’s needs. 

    Jenni Rantakari - Virginia Water, Surrey


    I began Pilates to address repeated episodes of sciatica. The exercises seemed rather simple yet my back improved in just a few weeks. I now do regular sessions with Monica to continue improving my overall strength and stability.  Based on my experience, I have recommended Monica’s Pilates to numerous friends and colleagues. 

    Cary Hart - Egham, Surrey


    Following emergency surgery for cauda equina syndrome, Scorpio Physiotherapy assigned Monica to facilitate my recovery. Monica also helped me through some very difficult mental lows – she has been so inspirational to my recovery and my rock – I owe everything to Monica for believing in my ability to recover and the quality of life I have today. 

    Rekha Patel - Staines, Middlesex

    Monica Linford

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