As a professional speaker Monica is much admired for her knowledgeable, enthusiastic and entertaining approach on her speciality topic of holistic health and wellbeing.

In 2009 Monica became a member of National Speakers Australia. To hone her skills as a professional wellness speaker she completed a specialist training with The Speakers Studio with David Griggs.

For the past decade, Monica had been delivering high level keynotes,  presentations, talks and seminars to audiences in universities, public service, corporate industries and community in Australia, UK and European audiences.


Speaking Topics

Monica's latest speaking topics include:

  • Balance Your Energy, Balance Your Life - harnessing timeless wisdom for modern life
  • SPRING - a time to detox and 'spring' into action!
  • How to feel fabulous in SUMMER
  • Gathering in, letting go in AUTUMN
  • How to reboot, revive and reinvent yourself in WINTER


  • Wellness at Work & in Your Life - University of South Australia, ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA
  • Wake Up To Wellness - LONDON, UK


  • Obesity and Body Image - Flinders University, South Australia at AUSTRALIA HOUSE, LONDON, UK 
  • : “Sensibilisation au Mieux-être” (Wellness Awareness) – PARIS, FRANCE

Seasonal Talks for Year Round Wellbeing:

  • Awaken, Renew and ‘Take Action’ in Spring
  • How to Feel Fantastic in Summer
  • Nourish Your Life and Boost Confidence in Late Summer
  • Gathering Inward and Letting Go in Autumn
  • Reboot and Revive in Winter


Keynote Speaker


  • South Australia Police Force – “Investing in You” – Adelaide Convention Centre
  • TOPIC: Wellness At Work In Your Life

If you are looking for an inspiring and knowledgeable speaker in the field of health and wellbeing, please contact her agent, Tony Fitzpatrick at “People Matter TV”. https://peoplematter.tv/monica-linford-the-wellness-warrior/

OR click the button below to enquire about booking Monica for your event: 

South Australia’s Fitness Leader of the Year Award
FitPro Award of Excellence
Australian British Chamber of Commerce’s “Most Innovative Export” Award

Speaking engagements

Guest Speaker


  • Behind Closed Doors – Executive Women in Business
  • TOPIC: Wellness At Work In Your Life
  • University of South Australia 
  • TOPIC: Wellness At Work In Your Life
  • CAHN – “Strengthening Local Communities” Conference
  • TOPIC: Dealing With Stress
  • Training For Learning – Adelaide, South Australia
  • TOPIC: Power of Relaxation 


  • Flinders University Alumni at Australia House – The Strand:
  • TOPIC: Obesity and Body Image: Should we Care?
  • Studio Ney
  • TOPIC: “Sensibilisation au Mieux-être” (Wellness Awareness) – Paris



  • Various venues – Adelaide, South Australia
  • Wellness at Work in Your Life  - Workshop

2012 - 2020

  • Seasonal Talks for year round wellbeing - Ascot, Berkshire
  • How to Feel Fantastic in Summer
  • Nourish Your Life and Boost Confidence in Late Summer
  • Awaken Your Energy in Autumn
  • Reboot and Revive in Winter
  • Wellness Space, Farnham, Surrey.
  • Wake Up To Wellness   


Monica Linford is an outstanding speaker with a sensible philosophy for a healthier lifestyle. Her presentation was very powerful, motivational and inspirational!  She demonstrated a remarkable wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm as a wellness expert and innovator. Monica thoroughly engaged her audience during her presentation and graciously fielded questions with interested individuals afterwards. We are very thankful for her contribution to our Women in Leadership program

Brigitte Grether - Senior Policy Officer, Department for Transport, South Australia


Monica’s philosophy and input about cross cultural differences were very thought provoking. Not only did she present her ideas effectively, but she actively demonstrated her ideas by getting the entire audience up to participate and experience. Her balanced and respectful approach, which captivated the audience, provided a real special factor to the success of the symposium

Diana Ranck - Director, Marketing & Communications, Flinders University, South Australia

Monica Linford

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