South Australia’s Fitness Leader of the Year Award
FitPro Award of Excellence
Australian British Chamber of Commerce’s “Most Innovative Export” Award

and Therapeutic Movement Specialist

Monica Linford

With an extensive background in classical ballet, contemporary dance, Pilates and yoga, Monica is a highly regarded expert in Mind-Body Fitness industry. As Founder of The ChiBall Method™  she is considered to be a gifted wellness speaker, educator and teacher.

The ChiBall Method™ has been experienced by trainers, students and participants in 26 countries around the world and translated into 5 languages. Monica has been a featured presenter at International Conferences in over 14 countries.

Her enthusiastic and knowledgeable approach to health, fitness and well-being earned her South Australia’s Fitness Leader of the Year award, the UK’s Fitness Professionals “Award of Excellence” and the British Chamber of Commerce’s “Most Innovative Export” award. Monica's book - AWAKEN YOUR BODY, BALANCE YOUR MIND, was released by Thorsons Publishing (an imprint of HarperCollins Publishing) in June 2000.

As an author, speaker, consultant and wellness expert, Monica is renowned for her unique ability to interpret, explain and demonstrate holistic health concepts so they are easily understood and implemented. 

Wellness expert, strategist & Educator

Monica has been a sought after presenter for over 30 years and has delivered high-level educational workshops at conferences in over 15 countries around the world

Monica Linford - International Educator

Monica  had a slightly non-traditional journey to become an educator and presenter on the world stage in the field of health and wellbeing. In part, this had led to her becoming highly innovative in her approach to health and is highly sought after as a result.

Monica departed Australia for the UK in 1975 to pursue a career in classical dance.  In 1977 she joined BBC Television to train as a film and television make-up artist.  She first became involved in the fitness industry in 1985 when she met personal trainer and choreographer to John Travolta and Jamie-Lee Curtis, stars of the film “Perfect”. This interest led her to Los Angeles where she became certified with ACE (American Council on Exercise).

Her extensive professional involvement in the fitness industry was interrupted in the early 1990's by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or ME). Monica was determined to recover her health and vitality. More than four years of study ensued of Eastern philosophies which included Shiatsu massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong and Zen Buddhism.  A further three years of research and development combining western fitness concepts with ancient eastern disciplines resulted in the creating of the ChiBall Method™ which has reached over 26 countries and has been translated into five languages.


Monica is much admired for her knowledgeable, enthusiastic and entertaining speaking style

As a professional speaker Monica is much admired for her knowledgeable, enthusiastic and entertaining approach on her speciality topic of holistic health and wellbeing.

In 2009 Monica became a member of National Speakers Australia. To hone her skills as a professional wellness speaker she completed a specialist training with The Speakers Studio with David Griggs.

For the past decade, Monica had been delivering high level keynotes,  presentations, talks and seminars to audiences in universities, public service, corporate industries and community in Australia, UK and European audiences.

1-1 Therapeutic Movement Coaching

"I warmly recommend Monica’s 1-1 coaching sessions for anybody to improve their wellbeing and to address specific problem areas; her knowledge and broad background offer great choices to build  a personalised approach to suit your needs. "

In my role as Therapeutic Movement Specialist I pull from a varied tool box that has been assembled over 35 years which includes Chinese medicine, Shiatsu massage therapy, yoga, dance, health & fitness, Feldenkrais Method – Awareness Through Movement, Franklin Method, body biomechanics and Clinical Pilates.

My philosophy is based on the premise that to unravel a lifetime of dysfunctional biomechanical habit patterns we have to go right back to basics. The first phase I focus on ‘releasing and relaxing’.  These easy fluid movements are designed to inhibit the global muscle groups to allow joint stabilising local muscles to ‘wake up’ and be more active and efficient. From this very relaxed state we can begin recruiting authentic power and strength. This process is more about the brain and less about achieving the ideal exercise ‘fitness’ results. I encourage my clients to embrace the ‘less is more’ approach.

Book - Awaken Your Body, Balance Your Mind

by Monica Linford

"All my muscles felt strangely alive and the pain in my back had subsided..."

Designed to re-energise, strengthen and relax the body, founder of the ChiBall Method and Wu Wellness, Monica Linford has integrated the best of both Eastern and Western exercise philosophies in her first book “Awaken Your Body, Balance Your Mind”.  Say goodbye to poor circulation, back pain, headaches and muscular stiffness and rebuild your physical and mental strengthen and balance.

Monica realised that soft-impact exercise along the lines of yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Feldenkrais is the way forward for total fitness. She uses small flexible balls as part of the routine. The aim is not only to use exercise to promote postural fitness but also to move ‘chi’ (or vital energy) around the body. Her system is based on the Chinese principle of yin and yang and she advocates a different sort of exercise for different needs, at different times of year.

They Say

Dale Knoote-Parke

Police Officer

" Monica brings her years of experience in Fitness and Eastern learning to the fore with a graceful energy in a relaxed and interesting atmosphere. I leave having greater understanding of what fuels our bodies, and the importance of balance within the body but in each and every organ of the body."

Justine Knight

University South Australia

" Monica’s workshop is interactive and flexible meeting the individual needs of the senior women she worked with, allowing them to become informed about healthy options and opportunities to bring about change in a way that is empowering and practical."

Monica Linford

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